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The Feather River Train Shop opened in August of 2003 with a simple vision. Offer and obtain the products fellow Model Railroaders need at a fair price and in as timely a fashion as possible.
We specialize in N Scale models but also supply many customers with HO Scale items via special order.

We are a brick and mortar store you can visit while in the San Francisco Bay Area. Located 15 minutes north of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Rafael (Marin County, the place with all the hot tubs). Stop by on your way to visit the vineyards in the Napa and Sonoma valleys. Heck, if it’s a slow day I may close up shop and go with you!
If you are visiting the Bay Area and would like to stop by please call in advance and make sure we’ll be here as sometimes life happens and may get called away.
Call or Text us at: 415-499-0664

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