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WOT-401 – Southern Pacific: Original Wood Doors #6340

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WOT-0617-61154 – PC&F 50-ft Ext. Post Ins.Boxcar: Helm-Pacific Leasing # 90242

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WOT-401 – Southern Pacific: Original Wood Doors #6340

The Southern Pacific Railroad ordered 60-ft Common Standard steel baggage cars from Pullman in 1909 through 1914. Car no. 6340 is a 1909 Pullman product, Class 60-B-2. Car no. 6201 is 1911 Pullman originally assigned to Central Pacific, Class 60-B-4. The star denotes improved facilities for the baggage – express crew. Car no. 6349 is Class 60-B-3, 1910 Pullman which was originally assigned to SPLA&SL.

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Weight8 oz
Dimensions6 × 2 × 2 in
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