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WOT-407 – 60ft Baggage Express: Union Pacific #1830

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WOT-0617-61154 – PC&F 50-ft Ext. Post Ins.Boxcar: Helm-Pacific Leasing # 90242

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WOT-407 – 60ft Baggage Express: Union Pacific #1830

The Union Pacific Railroad ordered (Harriman) Common Standard 60-ft baggage express cars, Class 60-B-2. Originally built for Oregon Short Line (UP subsidiary) by Pullman in 1910 through 1914. Most of the 1800 series cars had their Utility roof vents removed and covered over during rebuilding and repainting to “Streamlined” colors – sometime around 1953-54. They were commonly used in carrying Railway Express shipments and sacks of U.S. Mail. The U.P. Harriman baggage were regularly in the consist of the San Francisco Overland, Trains 27 and 28.

As an interesting side note, a typical westbound run of Train 27 in the 50’s and 60’s was mainly made up of mail & express cars with single rider coach. Baggage cars were collected at Council Bluffs from C.& N.W. / Milwaukee from Chicago, then on to Omaha. Cars from St. Louis and Kansas City added. This train dropped off cars at Columbus, Grand Island, North Platte and Cheyenne for a local destination; or local connection via a local passenger train or local freight train. At Laramie, the cars were dropped off for the westboound City of Saint Louis enroute to Los Angeles. Train #27 continued on, dropping off cars for Green River, Ogden (Oakland S.P. connection) and Salt Lake (Portland connection). Some cars were returned to Council Buff on Train #28 while others on a local freight – yes mix freight trains! The operating possibilities for this model train operation session would be quite interesting.

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